“Vanilla” – A Poem


Not quite black

And a dark, glowing


When held up to the light

Its aroma fills me

With warm


Thoughts and

Swift memories.

The taste of it,

Pure and clean on

My tongue,

Pulls down my eyelids

And shapes my lips into

An almost-smile.

Bitter and glorious

Profound and delicate

Like the rare morning dewdrops

At noon in summer

Sweet and unexpected

An embrace of an old friend

Or the first embrace of a new one.

Spread thin, it slides like ice

And tide

Colouring blank pages

In odd

Comforting patterns

Of light

And dark.

Gleaming in its glass bottle

Before the ripe sun

Singing to remembrances of

Autumn, summer, spring, winter

Never out of season

Always a reminder.

The silky feel of it

Moistening my fingertips

Rushes thoughts and places and times

Behind my slightly humming face

A touch, a smile, an understanding


The scent of which will send me


Into warmer, happier places

Where there is deepness in

Joy and laughter

And lightness in

Darkness and sorrow

The taste of which will

Mix the past and present into

A blur where there is

Gladness and unity in both,

Erasing complexities and replacing

Them with the not-black-but-gold

Triumph and not-sad tears

Of something that came from

A small glass bottle

That will always

Be to me the rare dewdrops

Of a summer meadow

At noon.



4 thoughts on ““Vanilla” – A Poem

    • Thanks, Lily. This poem is a particular favourite of mine. I’ve posted a few others, which can be found under the ‘Poetry’ category. There’s a drop down menu on the right side of the blog. 🙂

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