The Storm Project (one day to go!)


Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I haven’t blogged regularly since before Christmas and suddenly I’m popping posts everyday…and they’re about some random-sounding girl named Storm.

Your curiosity will soon be sated, however! You will finally be properly introduced! We’re launching the blog tonight/tomorrow (depending on where you live) but things are still rapidly changing and evolving. I’m ridiculously busy with this project, and it’s not even my blog! Customized headers and backgrounds, themes, editing, Twitter, Facebook, logos, promoting — it’s a lot, which why a team of elite bloggers, readers, writers, friends, and secret agents have been selected to help Storm out on her blogging journey.

Not really. It kind of feels like that, though.

Don’t worry. I have a few blog posts of my own up my sleeve, and once Storm’s blog gets underway I’ll try to blog more. Try being the key word here.


Storm’s blog — which, in her interview with me yesterday, was announced to be called “Storm’s Blog” — will now be called “The Storm Project.” Her Twitter is still @StormRoseBlog because @TheStormProject was already taken (???), but her Facebook has been renamed and can be found here.

Go like, follow, and whatnot. I believe Pedro the Gnome is trying to convince Storm to let him get a Twitter account, so stay tuned for that…I might also invest in a Twitter account at last. Maybe. There’s a lot of maybes going around, isn’t there? Is there a vaccine for that?

Let them grumble!

Oh, by the way: the little pics we used to ‘design’ those little promotional ads in this post were found by using Google Image with key words like “clip art” “nature” “adorable.” The websites they were from were;;, and (at least according to the notes Storm sent me)…




Hi guys.

Did the title get your attention?

I hope so. I love chocolate chip cookies. They’re beautiful.

However, I attempted to use a misleading title to get you to read this.

I’m sorry if I insulted you, but I thought it was clever. *cough* cheap *cough*

I’m really just doing some more promoting for my friend Storm. In case you haven’t read my last post, Storm and I, with the help of a few friends, have been working hard the last few weeks on creating a blog detailing events in her life, hobbies, opinions, tutorials, and whatnot. She’s a truly amazing person and her blog is going to be fantastic!

She now has Facebook (you can like the box over on the right side of your screen) and Twitter! She’ll gladly follow anyone back and is eager to chat with you all! @StormRoseBlog or

I’ll be promoting heavily for Storm and she’ll take a visit here over the next day or so for an interview.

Stay tuned!

…and here’s a chocolate chip cookies recipe, claiming to be the best. I haven’t tried them, but faith is key here. They look delightful.