Bye Bye, Let Them Grumble. (But it’s not bad news!)


Hello? Hello? Is anyone still out there?

If you’re not, then I don’t blame you.

If you are, then I’M SO GLAD TO SEE YOU.

Since I left blogging for an undetermined amount of time, I’ve been relatively productive. So this hasn’t all been in vain.

I’m publishing my first anthology titled The Night is Starry: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories, due to be released August 14th in printed edition, with the digital edition available later this summer.

In honour of this new status as author (eek!), I’ve created a website, and with it, an official blog.” However, I think I’d like to blog there full time (ie., one or two posts a week). A new beginning as a blogger, let’s say. A clean slate. A fresh page. Whichever one you prefer.

So that means that I’ll no longer be posting here at Let Them Grumble. I’m sad, too, but it’s been a wonderful experience. It was great meeting all of you and swapping ideas and sharing my thoughts with you, and I will start doing that again, because I’ve missed it terribly. I’ll just be doing it somewhere else.

I would love if you’d take a look at my new blog and website and (perhaps) join me on my second blogging venture.

I have a feeling that it will be good to be back blogging. I’m excited for this new chapter. I hope you are too.

And I promise I won’t totally abandon you all again.

Love and hugs,




Confession of a Terrible Blogger


Once upon a time, I was a good blogger. I posted three or four times a week and was pretty good at keeping up with reading/liking/commenting on your blogs. I’m not saying I was perfect, but I feel alright about the blogger I used to be.

Alas, that blogger was slayed sometime after October/November. My posts have been sporadic (or less so), my reading of your blogs pitiful and embarrassingly non-existent. It’s not because your blogs aren’t awesome! They are. Truly. Many of you are the type of bloggers I aspire to be.

I just don’t have the motivation/concentration/time to sit down and just enjoy WordPress anymore, whether it be for myself or for you guys.

And I feel really guilty about it. About once a week I’ll think to myself, “Libby, you should go write a blog post. And read some blogs. And leave super nice comments on ALL of them. And discover new blogs to follow. And keep following them. You really should, Libby.”

But do I ever listen to the little voice in my head?


Sometimes I get as far as turning on my computer somewhere beneath all the junk on my desk and opening up Google Chrome. I’ll click open YouTube to listen to some music as I prepare myself for my amazing return to blog stardom (return? or ascend? I wouldn’t say I was ever a blogstar 😉 ) and, well, you know the rest. I’ll hear an awesome song, and decide to post it to Facebook. And then I spend the next hour clicking through pictures of Anne Boleyn and Lord of the Rings (though not usually in the same photo) and before I know it it’s time to get something done that I should have done three hours ago, or three days ago.

You all know it, and I know a lot of you have gone through similar stages in your blogging careers. Some of you may have given up on your blogging dreams and are no longer with us. Some of you pulled your act together and kept going for the rest of us to enjoy.

I can’t stomach either of those right now.

I know I can’t dedicate myself to re-becoming the blogger I was last year, I don’t have the time, but I don’t want to tell you all I’ve decided to abandon Blogland for greater adventures.

….So, this is my lame compromise.

I’m announcing an official leave of absence. During this absence, I plan on devoting as much time as I can (and time is a slippery little bugger) to my current WIP. (Yes! I have a WIP! Hallelujah!)

Now, during this time, I’m sure I’ll get a stellar idea for a blog post, but worry not! The urge will be satisfied. I will write the blog post and save it to my hard drive. And once my leave of absence is over, I should (hopefully) have enough accumulated enough blog posts to make a bit of a comeback as my former blogger self.

The lovely blogger I used to be got awards from other lovely bloggers like Diane, Darlene, Dreampunk Geek, and Writing Underdog. Thanks guys! :)

The lovely blogger I used to be got awards like this from other lovely bloggers like Diane, Darlene, Dreampunk Geek, and Writing Underdog. Thanks guys! 🙂

I don’t know how long this leave of absence will be. I’m going to say something like…until I get 30 000 words done on my WIP. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but my writing stints are short and sweet and the IP part of my WIP is very IP. Who knows how long that will take?

I’m really going to try to get back on track with reading your blogs, however. It’s been too long, and it will be longer until I decide to make my insanely successful comeback in a couple months. I wouldn’t want you to forget about me, and I certainly want to keep myself up to date on what’s happening in your sections of Blogland.

I feel like a politician with all my promises.


Farewell until next time, my bloggy friends!


~Libby 🙂





PS: I do have a kind-of-not-really-legitimately acceptable excuse for my recent weeks of non-blogging. I’m actually still blogging. Just not here, and not as me. I mentioned back in November I had a new idea for a YA novel, and you might even remember her name (though I went back later and changed it to try to deceive you). The character in this idea was a seventeen-year-old blogger/eco-hippie by the name of Storm Rose Bennett-Clark, and you might happen to follow her blog, which launched back in March. During the winter months, I tried putting her story into a novel, and it just wasn’t working — so I decided, somewhat impulsively — to create a blog for her, and tell her story that way.

I’m sure some of you pieced that together already but…Storm isn’t real, and neither are her brother Mica or her friend Hanna. They’re characters I created, characters who may or may not end up in a book one day. They’re not involved in my current WIP, but anything is possible. Pedro the Gnome, however, is real. He sits on my bookshelf, hating the permanent smile etched on his face when he just wants to cry. All four of these characters have Twitter accounts, and you can watch them interact with each other and interact with them yourself.

Storm Bennett-Clark: @StormRoseBlog

Mica Bennett-Clark: @MicaIsaMineral

Hanna Withrow: @HannaTheTerribl (her Twitter account is run by Zozie! Thank for being such an awesome Hanna-impersonator!)

Pedro the Gnome: @GnomeThePedro

That is my confession, my dark secret. But, if you enjoy my writing (which I hope you do) and enjoy Storm, Mica, Hanna, and Pedro, then you can get the best of both worlds by reading her blog, leaving comments, and Tweeting them. I think Storm is going to start blogging more about her personal life in the next couple weeks, and you get to hear all about Jonas Blythe and learn more about Mlle Rousseau!

And if Storm leaves a comment or likes your blog or even Tweets you, you should feel pretty honoured to have a fictional character knocking at your virtual door! Can you imagine if JK Rowling got Harry Potter a Twitter account and blog?

The Storm Project (one day to go!)


Yeah yeah yeah. I know. I haven’t blogged regularly since before Christmas and suddenly I’m popping posts everyday…and they’re about some random-sounding girl named Storm.

Your curiosity will soon be sated, however! You will finally be properly introduced! We’re launching the blog tonight/tomorrow (depending on where you live) but things are still rapidly changing and evolving. I’m ridiculously busy with this project, and it’s not even my blog! Customized headers and backgrounds, themes, editing, Twitter, Facebook, logos, promoting — it’s a lot, which why a team of elite bloggers, readers, writers, friends, and secret agents have been selected to help Storm out on her blogging journey.

Not really. It kind of feels like that, though.

Don’t worry. I have a few blog posts of my own up my sleeve, and once Storm’s blog gets underway I’ll try to blog more. Try being the key word here.


Storm’s blog — which, in her interview with me yesterday, was announced to be called “Storm’s Blog” — will now be called “The Storm Project.” Her Twitter is still @StormRoseBlog because @TheStormProject was already taken (???), but her Facebook has been renamed and can be found here.

Go like, follow, and whatnot. I believe Pedro the Gnome is trying to convince Storm to let him get a Twitter account, so stay tuned for that…I might also invest in a Twitter account at last. Maybe. There’s a lot of maybes going around, isn’t there? Is there a vaccine for that?

Let them grumble!

Oh, by the way: the little pics we used to ‘design’ those little promotional ads in this post were found by using Google Image with key words like “clip art” “nature” “adorable.” The websites they were from were;;, and (at least according to the notes Storm sent me)…

Interview with Storm Bennett-Clark!


Look who it is, guys!

Well, you can’t see her, but trust me, she’s here, at least virtually.

Storm Bennett-Clark, who, as I mentioned before, will be running a personal blog to be launched on TUESDAY MARCH 11, has stopped in for a little visit and an interview. We’re loving this whole promotional aspect of her online presence. Can you tell?

All right. Here we go.

What will your blog be called?

Storm: Probably just “Storm’s Blog,” because I’m original like that, but the URL address will be something like ‘beaniehatsandtea.’ It depends on what’s available, but as soon as I find out, you’ll be the first to know!

What made you want to join us lovely people here in Blogland?

Storm: Hahaha, a lot of things. I really enjoy reading blogs and watching vlogs, which is something I only started doing recently. I enjoy the community aspects that can grow up around them, and the social interactions that people all over the world have with each other really fascinate me. And, as I hope to become a journalist someday in the not-so-far future, I thought it would be a good chance to hone my writing skills.

And your life is pretty fascinating.

Storm: Haha, yes, some people think so.

Are you going to incorporate your personal life in your blog?

Storm: Definitely. All 4 of my grandparents lived in the States in the 1960s, and were avid members of the social movement involving hippies. That’s how my parents met. Today, the Bennett-Clarks are what we like to call “eco-hippies” — this basically means we try to live as environmentally friendly as possible; instead of being commercial consumers we try to focus on other things, like family, literature, learning, arts, yoga, organic eating, and self-expression. We don’t think of ourselves as hipsters (hipsters never think of themselves as hipsters, anyway), and I’ll talk more about this in the blog.

What else can we expect from you?

Storm: I would say to expect nothing too unexpected. I like schedules and outlines, but being spontaneous is something I enjoy as well. I’m going to talk about things like my family (twin brother Mica, two younger sisters Sepia and Moonflower, best friend Hanna, awesome parents), my hobbies (reading, music, crafting, drinking tea, movies…eating), and opinions (feminism, hipsterism, conformity), and how I generally live my day to day life. 

Will you tell us a little about Pedro?

Storm: Ah, yes. Pedro. He’s an interesting little guy. He’s a wanted fugitive by the Global Garden Gnome  (GGGG), for reasons which will be explained on the blog. When Hanna was in England a few years ago for vacation, he crawled into her backpack and smuggled himself into Canada. She and Pedro didn’t exactly get along, so he came to live with me. Hanna calls him my souvenir, but he’s decided to be my “sidekick.”

I’m intrigued. Okay, just a few quick questions. Favourite band?

Storm: Bon Iver. Or Daughter.

Favourite food?

Storm: Peach yogurt.

Favourite colour?

Storm: Orange.

Favourite book?

Storm: I personally don’t think that’s a question. It’s unanswerable. I like Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The Hobbit, The Inheritance Cycle, Little Women, The Picture of Dorian Gray…just to name a few of my very favourites.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Storm: I’m excited to finally join Blogland and hopefully start building relationships with readers and sharing my story! I know Pedro is, too. If anyone has any questions, they can leave them here for you to answer or stop by my Facebook or Twitter! See you all on Tuesday!

Reminder that the launch of Storm’s blog will be on Tuesday! She’s really looking for help promoting, so feel free to share the links or any of the little promo pics we made (see this post).

Copyright Storm Rose Bennett-Clark.

Copyright Storm Rose Bennett-Clark.



Hi guys.

Did the title get your attention?

I hope so. I love chocolate chip cookies. They’re beautiful.

However, I attempted to use a misleading title to get you to read this.

I’m sorry if I insulted you, but I thought it was clever. *cough* cheap *cough*

I’m really just doing some more promoting for my friend Storm. In case you haven’t read my last post, Storm and I, with the help of a few friends, have been working hard the last few weeks on creating a blog detailing events in her life, hobbies, opinions, tutorials, and whatnot. She’s a truly amazing person and her blog is going to be fantastic!

She now has Facebook (you can like the box over on the right side of your screen) and Twitter! She’ll gladly follow anyone back and is eager to chat with you all! @StormRoseBlog or

I’ll be promoting heavily for Storm and she’ll take a visit here over the next day or so for an interview.

Stay tuned!

…and here’s a chocolate chip cookies recipe, claiming to be the best. I haven’t tried them, but faith is key here. They look delightful.



Progress, sort of


I have a very limited attention span for a writer. Or even a human being. Thus, I have neglected to do/say/write/make many of the things I said I would, one of them keeping this blog updated.

So hi.

Unfortunately my time away from Blogland hasn’t resulted in loads of creative production. Some, yes, but not enough to boast about. A few stanzas here and there, an artistic digitally altered photograph or two, and a rough outline of a screenplay.

Like I said, I get distracted easily. Only a few posts ago I was yabbering about a YA novel in the works — it’s still there, the characters are still whispering in my ear. There are just certain things I prefer over others at a particular time. Right now I’m choosing screenwriting and photography over novel writing. It just is. It’s horrible, I know. I can’t dedicate myself to a project for more than a week without skipping off into La-La Land with my new and best idea, leaving the old one in its sad little half-formulated corner with bad grammar and leaky pens.

Never fear, however! I am still planning on self-publishing a collection of poetry in June. And all this time away from Blogland hasn’t all been for naught! I have a title!





The Night is Starry.

Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night is one of my favourites, and his own story behind it (the view from his room at the asylum he was staying at) is adding elements to my poetry. Abstract, mental illness, exploration, fear, and discovery are all themes planned in this collection, with palettes of star-based myth and childlike imagination.

Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping and planning. Fingers crossed!


I’m taking the time to admit that my blogging will likely remain sporadic — for how long, I don’t know. 😦


Happy Holidays! May your time be spent with friends and family and enormous amounts of chocolate and other glorious foodstuffs. I plan on curling up with some new books, hot chocolate, and wool socks and reading until I can’t see straight! 😀

One Lovely Blog Award (x2)


My inbox delighted me this afternoon with tidings that I’ve been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award — for the second and third time. Writing Underdog and dreampunk geek, thank you for the noms, and everyone else please check out their fantastic blogs! These are two of my favourite sites, and being recognized by them is one of those warm-and-fuzzy feeling moments.

The Rules:

1. Copy and paste the award logo onto a post.

2. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.

3. List seven things about yourself.

4. Nominate five other blogs.

Seven Things About Me:

1. I currently have an awful head cold.  I despise being ill.

2. At the moment, I’m addicted to the song ‘Porcelain’ by Marianas Trench.

3. Wet cedar is one of my favourite scents. (I’m recently discovering this, because in this Atlantic wetness I’m missing its lovely aroma due my clogged nasal ways.)

4. Vanilla is one of my other favourite scents. It tastes good, too.

5. When I started this blog, it was not intended to be purely a writing blog: I meant to include more Tudor content, bizarre fashion combos and trends, talking to trees, and more movie/book reviews. If you go back and read some of my earlier posts you’ll be struck by the difference in subject, and even the writing style.

6. When I’m feeling glum (more like Puddleglum in this rainy weather. Geddit?) I watch Whose Line is it, Anyway? on YouTube. It cheers me up immeasurably.

7. I’m going to Word on the Street on Sunday; this is my first WotS, despite planning on attending for the last three years, and I’m beyond excited.

My Lovely Nominations (in no particular order)

Can I re-nominate dreampunk geek and Writing Underdog? They deserve it.

1. Brian Rush – thought-provoking analytical posts regarding fantasy/SF world-building.

2. 20four12 – where I go looking for Fantasy and SF book reviews

3. ellisnelson – children’s author and blogger of things-I-didn’t-know-but-am-now-interested-in.

4. Mere Inkling – for fascinating posts on C.S. Lewis, his legacy, faith, and writing.

5. Lantern Hollow Press – some of my favourite posts of all time are written by this enlightening, witty, insightful group of people.

Happy reading/writing/blogging! Have any big plans for this weekend?