While I am a sorry excuse for a blogger, this time I have at least an excuse! …sort of.

An idea has been formulating in my mind since about October, and the last several weeks I’ve been preparing it for public consumption.

No, it’s not a cook book, fortunately for you all.

I’ve been working closely with a remarkable young lady for the last month or so, and with her help — and the help of a few close friends — we’ve decided to create a blog.

Whoop-dee-doo, you might say. You already have a blog. So what?

The what, my dear sceptic, is that this isn’t going to be my blog. This blog is going to belong to Storm Rose Bennett-Clark, a seventeen-year-old future journalist, yogurt-fanatic, and heavy tea-drinker. And it’s going to be awesome. Storm is writing all the content, but I’ll be helping her out with web designs, tech support, and promoting. Really, it’s her blog, but it is my deepest wish that you all join her on her blogging journey as you have joined me this last year.

I can’t give too much away just yet, but Storm will blog about personal aspects of her life, what it’s like to be the granddaughter of four 1960s hippies, and things she’s interested in (i.e., tea, writing, crafting, garden gnomes, witty musings, old books, and societal issues). She will be sharing some of her favourite recipes, organic versions, and debating with her twin brother Mica and best friend Hanna. Mica and Hanna don’t really know about this yet, but Storm has all confidence that they’ll be on board once she brings them in on the know.

Storm, aside from having the blog, will have a Facebook page and, eventually, a Twitter account. We agreed that it would be amazing and fantastic if we managed to get a vlog (video blog) up and running for her, but right now we’re trying to focus just on the blog.

We’re just trying to nail a few things down before we launch the blog on Tuesday, March 11. Until then, enjoy and share these cute little promo pics we cooked up! Feel free to post them on your own blog, Facebook page, Twitter, whatnot. Storm wants as many people, especially young women, to be a part of this experience as possible, so spread the word! Of course, she’ll gladly do a ‘promo for promo!’ Your support will be paid in kind. ๐Ÿ™‚

Her Facebook is already up and running SO MAKE SURE YOU LIKE IT.

Shameless promotion. I won’t apologize. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, Happy International Women’s Day!






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