It’s our birthday here at Let Them Grumble — the ripe old age of, yes, ONE. What better way to celebrate than with the discovery of a lost king! I’ve been following the Greyfriars dig since September, and was enthralled with the release of Monday’s results! Let them gumble, because that’s how it’s always going to be! 🙂


No doubt you’ve already heard the news about the Richard III identification, so I put together a linky little post for you, to get lots of Rich-III-dig info in one spot. Is some of that info comedy? Of course it is, because you know what you’re dealing with on my blog, don’t you!

To start, we have a video from University of Leicester on the reveal of the results, as well as a slideshow of the bones and facial reconstruction efforts. These videos show the discussion of “the Greyfriars Project” to begin with last August, the process of the geneological research, the removal of a tooth for DNA analysis, and the “humiliation injuries” his corpse suffered.

There’s a nice visual breakdown of the findings here and a shot of the king’s skeleton before it was removed for study.

For a chuckle amongst…

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