Progress, sort of


I have a very limited attention span for a writer. Or even a human being. Thus, I have neglected to do/say/write/make many of the things I said I would, one of them keeping this blog updated.

So hi.

Unfortunately my time away from Blogland hasn’t resulted in loads of creative production. Some, yes, but not enough to boast about. A few stanzas here and there, an artistic digitally altered photograph or two, and a rough outline of a screenplay.

Like I said, I get distracted easily. Only a few posts ago I was yabbering about a YA novel in the works — it’s still there, the characters are still whispering in my ear. There are just certain things I prefer over others at a particular time. Right now I’m choosing screenwriting and photography over novel writing. It just is. It’s horrible, I know. I can’t dedicate myself to a project for more than a week without skipping off into La-La Land with my new and best idea, leaving the old one in its sad little half-formulated corner with bad grammar and leaky pens.

Never fear, however! I am still planning on self-publishing a collection of poetry in June. And all this time away from Blogland hasn’t all been for naught! I have a title!





The Night is Starry.

Van Gogh’s painting The Starry Night is one of my favourites, and his own story behind it (the view from his room at the asylum he was staying at) is adding elements to my poetry. Abstract, mental illness, exploration, fear, and discovery are all themes planned in this collection, with palettes of star-based myth and childlike imagination.

Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping and planning. Fingers crossed!


I’m taking the time to admit that my blogging will likely remain sporadic — for how long, I don’t know. 😦


Happy Holidays! May your time be spent with friends and family and enormous amounts of chocolate and other glorious foodstuffs. I plan on curling up with some new books, hot chocolate, and wool socks and reading until I can’t see straight! 😀


2 thoughts on “Progress, sort of

    • I love snapping pictures. Unfortunately there’s not a lot of snow here to capture those magical winter shots yet. One project at a time! 🙂 Happy Christmas, Cassandra! 😀

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