I’m not participating in NaNoWriMo, but in the spirit of creativity under pressure this is an excellent way to pep-talk yourself back into writing shape. I can even hear the battle music!

dreampunk geek

We may be beaten back, behind on word count by 1000 words, but THIS IS NOT THE END!

Ready the war machines!

mammoth steampunk war machine

Prepare yourselves!

zeppelin airship steampunk war battle

For we will triumph!


The enemy thinks he has the upper hand, and right now he does.  But this will be his undoing.  He thinks we will not rally.  Will fall under the pressure and crumple under self-doubt.  The enemy is lazy, where we stand strong, united.  We will catch him unawares.

steampunk battle

For every unloved and abandoned book, we will stand strong.  This has grown beyond us.  Today we fight to prove we can and to prove to everyone who said we would fail wrong.


Tonight we will feast on the corpses of our enemies.

Ready men!  CHARGE!

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