Guilty pleasures of a [procrastinating] blogger


Long time no see.

No, I have not fallen from the face of the earth (though sometimes it feels like it).

Nor have I vanished into a wardrobe, tripped down a rabbit hole, or been summoned by a company of twelve dwarves to take part in an adventure (though sometimes I wish…).

So what have I been doing in the two weeks since I’ve last sat in front of my computer with an “Add New Post” tab open?

I’ve dreamed. Dressed up. Eaten chocolate. Pulled an all-nighter. Discussed the whos and whats and whys and hows of life. Read a few books. Recited a few Shakespearean sonnets. Thought about writing a poem about apples. Procrastinated writing a poem about apples. Designed tattoos I’ll never have. Watched some good movies, and some bad ones. Received hugs, and given them out. Stared into a misty glass ball, shouting questions about my future. Listened to Beethoven. Wrote lyrics for two songs. Freaked out, because what am I supposed to do with song lyrics? Realized how bad my singing actually is. Considered taking up a musical instrument. Went for walks beneath the buttery yellows and topaz oranges of the changing canopy of maple and aspen trees. Shared a poem with a group of people. Remembered why I love sharing poetry. Forgotten about this blog. Remembered that I have a blog, and forgotten why I have it.

I’ve wandered without purpose (hardly anything new), just enjoying the beauty of fall, the smell of the air. I’ve wanted to compress the taste of autumn air into a jelly, and spread it on homemade bread toasted over an open flame. I’ve painted a bit. I’ve painted my face, dressed in a delightfully corset-resembling dress, and became an injured circus performer, carrying around the broken pieces of my unicycle.

I’ve renewed my love of clothing with near-violent passion. Influenced by the glamour and edge of the fifties, mixed with the fright of Halloween and a touch of just-for-the-heck-of-it. Wished I wasn’t so tall so I could wear heels (but that would look extraordinarily out of place in the community where rainbow rubber boots are the coolest footwear). Jeans look fantastic on everyone. Took some pictures. Immersed myself in the music from the Chronicles of Narnia films. Considered making my own movie.

I haven’t missed my characters. I’ve thought about them, briefly, just long enough to add something to their personality or add an action to my mental list of their story. I’ve thought about words and how abused and neglected they are. I’ve thought about windchimes. They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Silver and dancing and ringing. I’ve thought about elephants and oliphants and elves and dwarves and Disney movies and handsome princes (and even more handsome pirates).

But I’m back now, I think.


Links for the pleasure-seeking Internet user with nothing better to do:

Let them grumble!


2 thoughts on “Guilty pleasures of a [procrastinating] blogger

    • Thanks, Darlene. It’s good to be back. The unplanned hiatus was definitely something I needed to work out those pre-winter fears and creative road blocks. 🙂

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