That Old Book Smell


Taken from the FB Page ‘Living to Read Fantasy’

This explains everything.

My passion for books, pages off white, dust-creamed,

Time-loved, hardly touched,

And desire for 


Come together to make a scent that drives me wild

For knowledge,




Let me be, in this room of magical motes

Placing my nose in rarely cracked spines

Breathing in the tang of the air that can only mean one thing:

I’m home.

Do you sniff books unashamedly? Have you ever been caught in the act? If there a more magical scent?

[WordPress still isn’t cooperating 100%, and it’s not letting me link to websites indirectly, so here’s the expanded link to my poem “Vanilla” — ]


2 thoughts on “That Old Book Smell

  1. I smell books without shame. I love the smell of bookstores, it lures me in like a fish to a worm. I recently visited the library in Melk Abbey, Austria. There were books there from the 13th century. I thought I had died and gone to heaven for sure.

    • I’ve been asked on multiple occasions what on earth I was doing, but I have no shame. It just smells sooo good.
      13th century? You DID die and go to heaven…but thankfully you came back to tell me about it! 😉 Thanks for visiting, Darlene.

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