Gimme some man love.


I entered a writing contest recently, in which the entry form required 30-60 words about me. I had to describe myself in 60 words. Obviously I wouldn’t be able to belt out a full biography, so I decided to keep it whimsical* and, hopefully, humourous.

In the first sentence I declare that I spend my time daydreaming, writing, and talking to trees. The second phrase relays my opinion that “…all men should be able to ride a horse at full gallop whilst shooting flaming arrows.”

Arthur and his knights…on horses.

As a member of the heterosexual female population, I’d like to say that men able to ride a horse at full gallop while shooting flaming arrows is perhaps the most attractive category of man there is. Detectives, move aside. Boy-next-door, please take your earthly charms elsewhere. And vampires, no one loves you. Leave.

In 2004’s King Arthur**, Lancelot, Gawain, Galahad, Tristan, Bors, Dagonet, and of course Arthur provide plenty of excellent eye candy. And it’s not because the actors were gorgeous. I mean, they were attractive enough, but not kill-me-now-and-do-whatever-you-want-to-my-body gorgeous (Hugh Dancy is the movie’s exception). Their appeal stemmed from their abilities to (wait for it) ride horses at full gallop whilst shooting flaming arrows, as well as fighting double-handedly, throwing an axe into a Saxon’s skull, and all the while trying to save each other and themselves.

Ioan Gruffud as Lancelot.

Now guys, don’t get the wrong impression. Please do NOT start killing people. If you want to attract some female attention, go to Knight School. ‘Tis no laughing matter, so wipe that smirk off your face and start packing.

Joel Edgerton as Gawain.

Comradery, maybe more commonly labelled under the new pop culture term ‘bromance,’ is, in simplest terms, adorable. Some of the best stories of all time star two male friends (Frodo and Sam, Sherlock and Watson, Robin Hood and Little John, Harry and Ron), and is one of the many reasons these stories have become classics. Many of the books/movies I read/see nowadays feature girl-boy best friends, which grows into sexual tension/awkwardness and blossoms somehow or another into a love triangle.


Hugh Dancy as Galahad.

Give me some man love. That sounded worse than I intended, but moving on…

Having a deep relationship between two men adds a dynamic to the story that it otherwise might not have. They can joke, rough-house, pick up women at the local tavern, save each other in battle, and adorably avoid talking about their feelings. It can provide insight to their true feelings about the potential love interest (cue Little John teasing Robin about Maid Marian and ending up with a bloody nose) and maybe for once focus on subplots other than the romance between man and woman.

And now the ‘bromance’ begins.

Mads Mikkelsen as Tristan. All photos property of Touchstone Pictures, etc.

Do you have a male character with a best friend of the same gender? Do you think friendships between male characters are more important than the relationship between the main male and female character?

*I’ve decided that I haven’t been whimsical enough lately. Or grumbly enough. So I bought a ceramic hobgoblin. His name is Juan. Don’t ask me why.

**King Arthur as a movie was just okay. I was more in it for the knights’ friendship (and their beards) than anything, but it was certainly enjoyable.


9 thoughts on “Gimme some man love.

    • I completely agree. I now understand why medieval women are always portrayed as swooning — they have all these beautiful men around! Thanks for commenting, and I hope you enjoy the movie. 🙂

  1. I love that! Perhaps I’ll steal it (just joking; I’ll make my own). Men who can gallop while flinging flaming arrows are handsome. They’re right up there with men who jump from a racing horse with sword in hand and do battle with the bad guys.

    Men are so boring these days. I don’t care what kind of truck they drive or what special gadget they’ve got for the television. Show me your sword, you’re leggin’s…your loyal steed, or tell me about your trip across Scotland, riding horseback from one castle to another.

    I do have male characters with friends of the same gender in my fantasy novel. In this particular one, the romance between male and female is the focus, but I’ve got a few on my ‘writing waiting list” in which two males as the focus and one in which two females as the focus. I loved “Thelma and Louise”.

    Great post, Libby. Now I’ve got to spruce up my biography. 🙂

    • I concur that most of today’s men are uninteresting…I need to start finding renaissance faires to attend…or just hand out swords on the street and hope they don’t poke their own eyes out, lol. Alas, for now I’ll have to find more movies to watch and books to read. That shouldn’t be too hard!
      In my WIP I’ve decided to add a couple male duos. It’s taking all I can to just skip the beginning and write the middle…which I still might.
      Haha, thanks, Diane. Happy writing! 🙂

  2. Don’t forget Braveheart. I agree, something about these brave, gorgeous warriors does it for me too. I have been reading books about them since I could read the words, King Arthur.

    • I haven’t actually seen Braveheart yet (shame). I plan on borrowing it from a friend once she returns from vacation.
      I’ve always been intrigued by Arthur and his men, and this movie only increased my interest, if you know what I mean. 😉 Twas the best five dollars I ever spent. Thanks for stopping by to admire the eye candy!

  3. fairypoppin

    “Give me some man love”….. now THAT says it ALL really….👫💏💑👫

    But…consider this…if one mans leerve is good…then surely TEN MENS lervveS must be better?

    I think I think too much…Lol

      • I love me some man love!
        Hmm, I guess we’d have to try that out with a dozen or so victims. I mean, men. Perferably knights, but those seem to be in shortage at the moment…
        Do you think if we switched remotes for swords, would they notice right away? I guess after TSN didn’t change to the hunting channel, maybe. 😉
        Thanks for dropping by, Sonia! 😀

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