Royal N.S. Int. Tattoo: I laughed, cried, and wanted to steal their clothes


Yesterday I feasted my eyes on one of Nova Scotia’s most famed attractions in the company of family and friends. Behold: the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo! I have no time to tell you my somewhat embarrassing reactions to these marvelous acts, but I’m sure you understand.

It seems awful that I’ve lived in Nova Scotia my whole life and have never seen the Tattoo. As my dad jokingly said, “You’re deprived.”

He’s right.

With all the tourist-y pomp and circumstance that Halifax is known for, and the self-deprecating humour that Canadians are born with, I was slapped in the face with all sorts of things I love. Bag pipes, fiddles, spectacular costumes dating from 1812 to 2012, humourous acrobats, Mounties, and hunky sailors were all displayed in one grand show of music, dance, art, acting, acrobats, comedy, fireworks, and muskets.

The cast hailed from Germany, Switzerland, Estonia, France, the UK, the US, and of course, Canada, and the audience from just as far (or close.)

As the title says, I laughed (parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by an all-male acrobat group), cried (surprise wedding between two former Tattoo participants; reenactment of the RMS Titanic), and wanted to steal their clothes (the feathered caps and the dresses and the jackets and the shoes and OOOOH, won’t you please take your clothes off so I can have them?).

But I’ve rambled and gushed enough. Here are some poor quality photos (flash photography was strictly prohibited.)

Surprise wedding!
*humming to self*
Gunner race!

Titanic reenactment…again with the fabulous clothing. Give me.

-Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo Website