Simple Black and White


I love black and white photos. It’s simple, but gives an aura of professionalism and cleanliness. Contrast. It makes you wonder about the colours that have been removed. It enhances one object while cleverly hides an unwanted one.

Here a couple of my favourite B&W photos, taken over the last year while exploring Nova Scotia. Hope you like them!


Can you hear last year’s dead leaves rustle through the headstones?


Salute, soldiers! (taken at the Halifax waterfront, in case you were wondering.)

Waterfalls are beautiful.

I highly suggest you listen to the song ‘Wintering’ by Chloe March, unless you’re trying to shun all thoughts of winter.

A step back in time. Probably one of my favourite photos.


8 thoughts on “Simple Black and White

  1. Thank you for these. My art instructor made me concentrate on black and white photos until I developed a better sense of value in painting. It does clarify an idea sometimes.

    • It’s my pleasure, Charis. What a wonderful idea! I wish painting was half as easy as snapping random pictures! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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