A Conversation between Libby and Herself (9 days to go!)


I was fine. I sent off my manuscript, content and perfectly patient, just eager for my hot reunion with the Internet after a two month separation.

Well, things have cooled off a bit with poor ol’ Internet and I’m becoming anxious. I’ve begun doing math — AND I NEVER DO MATH.

June 15th is the golden date. That’s nine days. Three sets of three days. Two sets of four and a half days. 216 hours. 12 960 minutes.

Okay, I’m not that exact in my math.

The point is, the day is soon enough to start worrying about, but too far to be comforting. I basically plan to spend the next nine days twiddling my thumbs and running through all kinds of scenarios.

Will they like it? Enough to publish it? Will they want to publish it but want to change it? A lot? How much? How much is too much? And if they reject it (which I’m actually fine with. I just hate waiting) should I change something before sending it off again? Make the ending more definite and not a cliff-hanger? And what if *gasp* my characters are two-dimensional and my plot is flat? Did I drag out Arden’s time in Naphiring too long? Do I even have a climax? *bigger gasp* WHAT IS MY CLIMAX? I DON’T REMEMBER! And the more I think, the more I forget. *GASP* I SPELT CAVALRY WRONG! HOW DID I MANAGE THAT?! WHAT IF —

Jeez, Libby, what’s your problem? You’re normally so calm and collected.


Take a breath, woman. You’re fine. It’s not the end of the world.


Well, you have complete control over that, don’t you?

WHAT D’YOU — Oh, yeah, I guess you’re right. I do.

And besides, what is it that you’re always boasting about?

Let them grumble. That’s how it is going to be.

Exactly. So why do you care? They’re either going to accept it (you’ll get published) or reject it (send it to another publisher).

…I guess I don’t. I – I’m just being —



Well, it’s not your fault. Except for the fact that your story sucks.


Haha, calm down, Libby. I was kidding.


Why don’t we go brainstorm the sequel? Keep your mind off things.

Good idea.

 I was thinking that we should base the king of South Ferin on Edward VI.

*Scratches head* He wasn’t particularly diabolical; I didn’t think he was evil enough to base the King on.

He did execute two of his uncles.

Touché. Alright, I agree.

I knew you would.

That’s ’cause I am you.

*Sigh* I’m getting a headache. Sorry, we’re getting a headache. Let’s go brainstorm.

*Skips off into the woods with a pad of paper and pen*

KEEP CALM and write in the woods.

8 thoughts on “A Conversation between Libby and Herself (9 days to go!)

  1. fairypoppin

    Ohh Libby….take heart in the knowledge that if the publisher(s) hate your story-very hard not to take it personally dont you think? I mean it is YOUR BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS…If THAT aint personal, I don’t know what is….and as you said-you have fallen in love with your characters-its hard to reconcile that those faceless ‘suits'(publishers) may not have…and to make matters worse…they probably wont even tell you WHAT BITS they DIDN’T like…let alone the bits they DID like…

    Just make sure that when all is said and done-that you remember to add the following points to your ‘self talk’…

    (1)You have talent-why else would so many of us take time from our busy day to read your blog-and even write back in some cases…the internet is a HUGE place…we could have chosen millions of other bloggers-but we didn’t-we chose yours(and some people may have one or two others in their bookmarks )


    (2) Along with your Mum,(you say tomato, I say tomatoe)WE WILL BUY A COPY (maybe lots for Christmas gifts if that Calendar doesn’t come out)and we will enjoy it-AND tell you which bits we loved-and even the bits we didn’t love as much….

    Light and Peace,
    Sonia (aka Fairypoppin)

    • Having someone read my writing is extremely personal, and if someone ever told me that they didn’t like it, I would be a littled miffed (is that a word?) and offended on behalf of the plot/characters, but in the end I would respect their opinion. After all, readers are the most important part of the writing experience!
      Thanks for the advice, Sonia, and thanks for always leaving comments. It’s heartening to know that someone (especially someone half way around the world) is reading my melting pot posts and enjoying them. 🙂
      I love your enthuasism and appreciate your dedication for my writing! I would love if you could tell me what parts you did (and especially didn’t) like. Getting feedback is wonderful, but my preliminary readers (mainly my mother) have to be literally prodded with a stick for any sort of response — negative or positive!
      PS: I heartily approve of your new username. 🙂

      • fairypoppin

        Dear Libby-
        I think you have my email address-when we sign up-or ‘reply’-I’m assuming you get that info as the blog Grande Poohbah-just in case you dont- it is-
        If possible-could you please delete that once you have it?
        Feel free to send me whatever you like for an opinion-I’m a teacher so used to reading other ppl’s work and writing nice things (and some negative) back…
        Will explain more via private email-IF you decide to contact me- if not, I promise I wont take offence.
        Glad you like the username- the one I usually use was already taken-dontcha hate that!? LOL
        Take Care,
        P.S-might hear from you soon…

        • Yes, your email address is sent to my inbox every time you comment, as well as when one signs up. I’ll not be sending you my manuscript (understandably), especially this close to the reply date (6 DAYS), but I plan on posting at least one short story in celebration (or mourning?) of the impending date. You can feel free to tell me whatever you think of those! I’m generally awful at short stories, but I have a couple that may be worth sharing with you lovely readers. 🙂
          I’m sure ‘Libby’ is already taken a thousand times over. I just have to make sure I don’t get confused with another Libby! lol
          PS – my email is libby.maire@gmail.com if you ever want to ask me a question or write a guest post for me!

  2. Libby, everyone goes through this…everyone. When I sent my manuscript off to DAW, I began thinkging the worst things. Are the characters strong enough? Is there enough conflict? Are they going to understand what I’m trying to say? Is there even a story there worth reading?

    I still don’t know. All I do know is I really enjoy the story and love the characters. The few people who have read it before it was published liked it, too.

    The best thing you can do right now is write the next book. That deadline you have set for an answer will probably pass without a word from the publisher. Make it instead September 31st…so when it arrives before then it will be a surprise and unexpected.

    The rejection only means: I can’t buy your story right now.

    • Creating another, further off reply date is a good idea…I wonder if it’ll work? 😉 Yes, I’m trying to bury myself in dialogues, culture, and doing a little more research for the next book. I’ve come with some ridiculous questions that need to be attended by Google (such as the structure and density of fish and shark bones). Thanks for the adivce, Diane. 🙂

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