It’s a Strange World Out There


Ordinary things through a camera lens sometimes appear to be out of this world. A flower becomes a sea monster. A wreath of branches becomes the door to a new world. Blueberry blossoms become the decorations for the celebration of coming summer.

I’m shocked at myself that I haven’t started posting my feeble attempts at photography earlier, especially if it has the potential to inspire.

I’m often inspired after viewing a beautiful picture, or one that makes me think. I might write about it, include it in an already started project, or simply stare it, pretending that it is from another world. Narnia? Middle-Earth?Ā  Terebithia?

Anyway, I hope some of these make you wonder, and who knows? Maybe they’ll make you think of something you haven’t thought about in a while.

A sign of summer!

Is it just me, or does this budding blossom appear to be the malformed jaws of some untold sea creature?

It’s a little blurry, but…A DRAGON! Or rather, its non-magical cousin.

And the green grass grows all around…(Actually, this reminds me of the farmlands surrounding the capital of North Ferin in my fictional world.)

Can you hear them ring? Blueberry pie all around!

“Hi!” says my reflection.


6 thoughts on “It’s a Strange World Out There

  1. Sonia

    Heya Libby,
    My brother is a professional photographer-I was really impressed with your photos-so I sent him the link asking what he thought-the verdict? YOU DID A BRILLIANT BRILLIANT(thats right- TWO BRILLIANTS) JOB!! WELL DONE!!! The best one-from a photographic standpoint is the ‘sea creatures jaws’….šŸ˜„ He thinks you should enter that into an amateur photography competition-(professionals aren’t allowed to enter)-you may just win a huge cash prize and then you can sit and write and write and write and write some more….(“,)
    Tally Ho til next time,

    • Aww, thanks, Sonia, and thank your brother for me. Photography is just a little hobby of mine that I happen to enjoy — I’m lucky that there’s so much beauty here in rural Nova Scotia. šŸ™‚ I took the ‘sea creature’ picture without any thought for how it looked in regards to an animal, and when it showed up on my camera screen I was shocked at how it turned out. Hmm…maybe I will. Wouldn’t it be marvelous to do nothing but write, read, and take more pictures?
      Lib šŸ™‚

      • Sonia

        Ohhhhh I wondered where you lived….thankyou for saving me asking….isnt that Anne of Green Gable Country? Near Prince Edward Island? I have never been there-and If I can beat this awful disease-It is on our list…
        We are in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

        To Dianne-I smiled at what you wrote- I would never tell my brother he was right- I’d simply never hear the end of it…but I definitely agree that the photo’s are really lovely-
        The pretty bluebell one is now my iphone ‘desktop’…(my favourite)

        Cant wait to tell him(brother) that those photos were all achieved withOUT any of the thousands of dollars of strange looking equipment all contained in big black snap shut cases-that he has….Now THAT is REAL talent Libby!
        I’m just grateful if mine dont come out minus the persons head(although I admit I prefer looking at my mother in law in that state) (“,)

        Can’t help but think good thoughts when looking at photo’s of flowers like that- any more Libby??
        What about a “Flowers of Novia Scotia” 2013 Calendar? I’ll pre order 20 for Christmas prezzies now.

        • PEI is Anne of Green Gables country and neighbour of NS. Both provinces are beautiful places to visit or live! Australia is one of the places I would like to see eventually, along with New Zealand. I hope you beat it soon, Sonia. My prayers are with you.
          I’ll be posting photographs at least once a week from now on, so they’ll be lots more flower photos to come. My last photography post can be read here.

  2. Lovely photographs, Libby. I’ve admired the art of photography since I was old enough to snap and shoot. I got my first camera–a 110 Kodak–when I was eleven. I’ve since moved on to larger lens. lol

    Sonia’s brother is right. You should enter some of your photographs in a contest, particularly the ones you posted last week.

    • Thanks, Diane. My camera is quite modest — no fancy lens or attachments — and is as temperamental as the weather. Sometimes it takes great pictures and other times it refuses to cooperate…like me, lol. I have thousands of photographs on my computer; I’ll have to go through and pick out a few to submit somewhere. I’m considering entering a couple in a local exhibition this summer.

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