Versatile Blogger Award: Sharing the Love


To my greatest and most humble surprise, I have been awarded with the Versatile Blogger award by Diane Tibert. Being a recipient of the Versatile Blogger award comes with several guidelines:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog
  • List seven things about yourself
  • Nominate and link to five blogs you enjoy

Here I go:

Thank you, Diane! Make sure you check out her blog HERE, where you will be sated with posts regarding writing, publishing, and tidbits of life on a hobby farm.

Seven things about me? Oh dear. I hope you at least find these somewhat amusing.

1. I talk to trees. Yes, I do. There are no greater listeners than trees. They absorb your words, ponder them, digest them, and whisper in response. Sometimes they’ll be grave, other times witty, and other times downright giddy. Some of my best friends are trees. Try it. There is no shame in being found in conversation with a maple, or having a chuckle with a fir. In fact, Henry David Thoreau once said: 

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines.

2. I want a tattoo. We have no control over our appearance. We have no say in the width of our cheekbones or the length of our noses, whereas a tattoo is something we have complete control over. You might argue that you can control your appearance in other ways, like dying your hair or dressing a certain way, but it’s not permanent. It’s not something that will stay with you forever. However, I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to get a tattoo. I think I would have to watch someone get one first, then determine whether I still wanted one. If I ever did, it would probably be something to commemorate my long-standing admiration for Anne Boleyn. One of her mottos, perhaps? “Let them grumble — that is how it is going to be.” I’m not sure if I would get it in English, French, or Latin. Hmm…

3. I used to show rabbits. This one might be a little harder to explain. You know how people show horses? Or at exhibitions, people show cows? Well, for four years I showed a rabbit, a black Mini Rex buck called Hickory. The actual showing of the rabbit is quite similar to that of a cow: show off its best side (the left side, usually), handle it properly, “sex” it (show its gender), answer questions from the judge regarding medical emergencies, breeding, etc… I was quite good at it, too. Me and Hickory, we were the ones to beat. All the other rabbits and their owners eyed us with respect and mild fear. I’m kidding — or am I?

4. In my fantasy-esque novel,  Arden: the Girl from the Mountains (currently being considered for publication), there originally was a massive lake at the centre of the four countries: North Ferin, South Ferin, Mundir, and Derbanis (pronounced der-ban-ee). Halfway through I changed Jenalake to Reum Desert. In the sequel, which I’m currently brainstorming, I realized that my redheaded character must cross a large section of the Reum. A redhead? In the desert? And I thought my Victoria-weekend sunburn/tan was bad…

5. We own a Newfoundland Pony called Frost (also the name of my protagonist’s horse) who is possibly the most stubborn pony in the world. She’s just tall enough for me to ride, but with our combined lack of physicality that rarely happens. She changes colour with the seasons: in fall and spring she’s a gorgeous blue roan and in summer and winter she’s a bay. Weird, but adorable.

Frost showing off her rare bend…

6.. One of my friends and I are devoting our summer to getting in shape. We’re calling it “Combat Training.” The idea is that we’re pretending we’ll end up in the Hunger Games, and we don’t want to die. Along with running, sit-ups, and the like, we’ll be attempting wrestling, archery, and sword fighting. I think I’ll die before ever setting foot in an arena!

7. The same friend and I are co-authoring the blog You are the Tolkien to my Lewis. We’ll only be posting about once a week each, but in it we’ll be exploring the friendship and works of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. I also plan on reading the entire Lord of the Rings series this summer, in between our gruesome Combat Training sessions.

Five blogs I hereby nominate and enjoy:

1. Something Bigger Out There by Zozie. Read her posts on her personal writing experiences and her inspiring posts on faith and Christianity.

2. The Creation of Anne Boleyn by Susan Bordo and Natalie Sweet — the website and blog for Susan’s upcoming book The Creation of Anne Boleyn. See posts for excerpts from the book and musings on Anne in pop culture.

3. Endymion at Night by historical fiction author Robert Parry.

4. Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History by Sarah.

 5. The Songs We Knew ~ art by Silly Little Dreamer. Adorable art by Silly Little Dreamer (aka Andrea).


8 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award: Sharing the Love

  1. Sonia

    A very deserved winner Libby!
    I loved and laughed at the horses- Does Frost bite? The rabbits…..wonder what the rabbit thinks about having its bits paraded? And if the bits are a bit skewiffed-does that mean they get points off?
    Tattoo? Ummm….I would never have the guts…I’ve heard there is blood involved-in my humble opinion, the only time blood and ink should mix is when one is slaving over the writing of a masterpiece…which brings me to my next point…hope that your book DOES get published. I’d read it-and I’m sure many others would too. You may just be the next Tolkein and CS lewis all rolled into one!

    • Oh, thank you Sonia. I’m glad you enjoy my blog.
      Yes, Frost is known to take a snap, especially at me, as I’m the one she associates with riding. I had a nice teeth-shaped bruise on my stomach for a while! Haha, yes if the rabbits’ “bits” are incorrectly developed or missing altogether points are taken off or the rabbit is disqualified completely.
      “…the only time blood and ink should mix is when one is slaving over the writing of a masterpiece;” I LOVE that. Do you mind if a quote it at a later point? And attribute it to you, of course.
      Your extremely kind words mean a lot to me, Sonia. Thank you. And, I could only hope to achieve even a tenth of what Lewis and Tolkien did! 🙂

      • Sonia

        Oh Wow! Libby, I’d be honoured if you would quote me- the reason I thought of it is because I saw a show about watching a tattoo artist at work-and he kept pausing to wipe away excess ink and blood-thats when it struck me that it was like a bleeding canvas-and from that I thought blood and ink should never mix unless…you know the rest. I just thought I should clarify in case it sounded a little (perhaps ALOT) weird to your loyal readers.
        I will never look at our pet rabbit Munchkin the same again. I know she is a female but I have never looked at her furry bits before-pardon the description.

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