“Tuck in your shirt!”


Have you ever been subjected to this humiliating action, by a parent, grandparent, or particularly aggressive aunt (think Aunt Eleanor from the Inkheart trilogy)? Maybe it was a family outing, like a wedding or reunion, and you stubbornly refused the indignity of tucking your shirt into your waistband. It was just so unappealing, so unattractive!

Aunt Eleanor advises you to TUCK IN YOUR SHIRT.

Well, now that you’re not ten years old, do you still object to tucking it in?

I don’t, and I was one of the most venomous shirt-tucking protesters in the family. Now I tuck with abandon, without a trace of the repulsion I possessed in childhood.

Why? I don’t know. I don’t know why I wear half the stuff I wear: my parents and friends would inform you that it’s because I try my hardest to be weird. That might be true, subconsciously, but we’re getting off track…

Part of it is my recent infatuation with high-waisted shorts and skirts. What’s the point of a good pair of mom shorts when no one can see them under the hem of your tank top/shirt? So, tuck ’em in.

The flip side of it is belts. Braided leather, beaded, stenciled, plaid, smiley-faced — belts have not been used for practicality in quite some time (at least by me) and instead have taken up its own little place in the dictionary of ‘Libby’ clothing articles. Once, I tried wearing three belts at once. Let me just say that it was akin to wearing a half-corset. But of course, had I not tucked in my purple, knit sweater, the belts would have only been seen as strange lumps beneath the fabric. What would the point have been?

Tucking in your shirt is a unique thing all in its own. You’ll see celebs or other people of societal importance with their shirts in their pants, but in the real world it’s a slow-moving trend. You’ll stick out. And isn’t that the point?

Okay, correction. Sticking out is not the point. If you want to stick out, get facial tattoos or carry around a small, yappy dog. The point is that you’re comfortable with yourself, with your clothes, and with the way people may or may not be thinking about you. If you want to start small in this admittedly bizarre self-relationship, tuck in your shirt, young lady/man!

And it’s not just shirts you can tuck in. Sweaters and dresses are finding their way into my waistband, sometimes with difficulty, but with pleasing results. Just beware of bulges in your pants, caused by careless tucking.

It’s also worth pointing out that going to the bathroom takes at least an extra thirty seconds longer.

I feel like I’ve rambled enough for today. All I have left to say is: “Tuck in your shirt, let them grumble, and Happy Victoria Day!’

**reminder that I’ll be making Fashion (R)evolution posts on Mondays, not a day more.


3 thoughts on ““Tuck in your shirt!”

  1. I also feel that the combination of high-waisted shorts and tucked in shirts are far more comfortable than anything else!
    …besides -perhaps- a dress and a cloak.
    Great post Libby, darling! 🙂

    • I just love the way the shorts sit comfortably at the waist, not digging into hips or stomachs. 😉
      Yes, a tunic and cloak would be my prime choice, but alas — the summer heat prevents me thus! Thanks, Zozie!

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