Humans stink. Literally.


…smelling good (photo by me)

Whilst walking with my mother down the road, my nose absorbed the smells of early summer around me. Trees, grass, dandelions, ponds, fiddleheads, blossoms, leaves. I could even smell a couple of robins as they flew passed and the pair of mallards that waddled away in alarm at our approach. These lovely, beautiful, pure scents sunk deep into my skin.

And I realized that humans stink.

We do. We smell.

It’s not that as animals we stink, but as manipulators of chemicals and unnatural elements. We make things, use things that reek to high heaven. As we pass through our daily lives in our hopelessly junk-filled, too-large homes, we fail to recognize the stench we live in.

But when (or in some terribly sad cases, if) we exit our disgusting homes and enter a place of tranquility, a place full of only natural elements, we realize all the smelly objects we use every day.

Perfume. Why do we bother wearing something to try to replicate a flower or a baking ingredient? It barely passes to smell like bug spray, and it hardly alludes to the scent we are aiming for. Those rose buds, not even bloomed yet, smell far better…and more real.

Furniture. Okay, maybe not the homemade, hand-loved hardwood tables and chairs, inherited through the decades, but the Leon-boughten upholstery and awful synthetic fabric appalls my nose. It’s stuffy and wrong…and unnatural. I’m offended at the poor attempts of floral patterning.

Dry wall. Maybe I’m the only one here, but I can smell dry wall, especially when entering from a lovely walk in the woods/fields. It’s unwelcoming, claustrophobic to my nose and simply is unappealing.

Even our food stinks. Our food is especially revolting. And here you are, ma’am, a full plate of preservative-soaked pasta with a can of salt mixed to perfection with some chemicals that we’re not allowed to reveal. For dessert, how about a lovely sugar-infested cake that makes you cringe because it’s so sweet?

Ewwww. Nature did not intend for us to be eating these sickly, smelly things, or to be around objects like dry wall and cheap perfume.  

So why?

We’re all brainwashed. All of us. They’ve managed to convince us that we’re the ones who’re smelly and that we need to buy more smelly things to remedy that. Here, have some Orange Grove deodorant and some Apple Blossom body spray. The label guarantees authenticity in its scent.


Your deodorant does not smell like an orange grove! It smells like chemicals disguised with bug spray!

As I strode among budding maples and birches, I even became disgusted at the gum I was chewing. It just tasted so fake compared to all this realness around me. But isn’t that what our society is? Fake? Fake hair, fake teeth, fake tan, fake name, fake friends, fake food.

Oh, woe behold us. There is all this beauty around us — did you know you can smell tadpoles? or maybe it’s just the pond itself I’m smelling — that is pure and clean, and what are we doing? Buying perfume, eating chemicals, and killing our noses.

If you live in the countryside, like me, you’ll be able to escape the awful human smell around, but for city-dwellers…it might be time for a day-trip.

Humans stink. And we shouldn’t.


7 thoughts on “Humans stink. Literally.

  1. I’m smiling because I agree. Our scent is lost in perfume and chemicals. A long time ago I read an article about men and women being confused when choosing a mate. We look for certain smells in the opposite sex. When our body odour is drowned in perfume and deoderant, we can’t choose properly. It confuses our senses for scents. Perhaps that is why the divorce rate is so high. 🙂

    I use a lot of body smells to connect people in my novel. It binds mates and off-spring. It brings comfort, as well as fear.

    Great post. Enjoy nature. Nothing smells better.

    • Haha, excellent musings, Diane. The thought of being attracted to someone because of their natural scent — hay? water? air? — is tarnished by products that create a false aura of ‘more appealing’ smell. Being around someone with their own, true scent brings them into a more substaintial view. Both my parents have their own scent — perfectly good ones! — and I associate those smells with my happy childhood, etc…It’s a shame that society has, as a whole, taken away that.
      Thanks, Diane. 🙂

  2. Sonia

    Wow…now I’m officially depressed. I’m going a peg on my nose but not before I go in a smell the beautiful baby powder smell that my infant son has after a bath-and thats BEFORE I put any chemicals on him(baby powder)…

    • Oh dear; I never meant to depress any one! Ah, babies — one of the most endearing natural scents. It’s a shame that so many lovely smells are covered up in our society.

  3. Most offices and public buildings have a no scent policy now so I am not sure who the perfume manufacturers are going to sell to. If I sit beside someone on the bus wearing perfume or after shave, I have to move. Thanks for following my blog!

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