Dandelions and Moccasins — summer clothes!


SUMMER IS HERE! Well, not officially, but it’s been 20 degrees for two days straight, the fields are alive with thousands of dandelions, and the pond is teeming with growing tadpoles. That’s summer enough for me.

And with summer comes FUN CLOTHES! I won’t apologize. I’m excited.

To begin, I must explain to you my history with clothing. It’s been a love affair, really. It began with tentative experimentation, but with increasing confidence we’ve bonded over the recent years. Often we’re at each other’s throats or trying to hide from one another, but we love each other and we both win in the end. It gets worn, and I am wearing something that makes me feel happy/mischievous/flirty/mysterious/other attractive traits.

Because that is what fashion (I need a better word…) is about. Being yourself and dressing for yourself.

My sense of dress is unique, though in a reasonable, frugal way. There are things I will not wear, like animal print or four-inch heels. I do have opinions about mainstream styles and other unique dressers, like the Man Repeller. There are things I cannot wear because I refuse to spend money spontaneously. My wardrobe is both limited and limitless. It’s all in the combinations.

As any of my friends could tell you, Libby has become an adjective. “That is sooo Libby!” “You’re looking very Libby today!” “I saw someone wearing a very Libby outfit while I was walking my Welsh pony!”  And so on and so forth…

Now, for some examples. Green-and-white polka dot tank top, jean jacket, Christmas ornament earrings, seven rings. Or maybe: a blue skirt worn like a shirt, tucked into skinny jeans, zebra-stripped flats, spiked hair, Butterbeer cork* necklace. And today: flowy yellow swoop-necked top, tucked into a high-waisted frilled, lacey pink skirt, black tights, blue, suede tall boots, lion pendant necklace and beaded, star-shaped earrings.

I would post pictures, but I don’t want you to hurt your eyes.

But the point is, summer/spring releases us from sweaters! from thick, horrible boots! from long pants! from wool socks! Bring out the skirts, the shorts, the dresses, the sandals, the colours, the flowers, the hats!

I do have some personal favourite concepts at the moment:

  1. High-waisted jean shorts — no, no, not the cute ones you buy at boutiques, the ones with adorable brass buttons and artistic zippers. No sir, I’m talking about the dreaded “mom jeans.” Gasp, you might say. But yes, I say! These are different from mom jeans. These are shorts. Big diff. They are figure-flattering and great for those who have flat, hehem, bottoms — because everyone has flat bottoms in them!
  2. Yellow — I’m just in love with yellow at the moment. Maybe it’s all the dandelions outside, but I’m adoring the cheery colour. Very fun, very bubbly, yet somehow dignified?
  3. Moccasins — they’ve become pretty popular over the winter, but I was there before all of you! I sort of inherited an unused pair from my grandmother (they were bought to be house slippers) and now they’re on their way to a well-worn retirement. Moccasins are just so cute and super comfy. I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up by the time the thermostat hits feet-sweating temperature, but we’ll get to that when the time comes.
  4. Rolled-up pant legs — just two or three rolls is fine, but it gives you an edgier overall effect. Show off those ankle bracelets!

It’s also the time of year when celebrity gossip shows are having those little, minute-and-a-half clips of how to “buy affordable summer clothing and look great!” LIES, I say. Am I the only ones who watches these in near-despair? Affordable? That shirt was $40! What sort of affordable is that? Maybe if all you bought was a shirt or two, but you can’t get through summer on two shirts!

So here is the secret to really having an affordable summer wardrobe:

GO TO USED CLOTHING STORES. Some are turned completely off at the thought of owning clothes once owned by others, but it personally doesn’t bother me. The clothes are washed, aren’t they?

Used clothing stores possess some of the greatest finds, (e.g., mom jeans, for those who don’t own any!) especially for summer, when everyone can get a little braver, a little more daring, a little more Libby with their outfits. Add some feathers to your hair. Put eye shadow on your bottom eyelid. Dig out those old Mom jeans and cut them off at the thigh.

Back in the fall, when I began to seriously consider starting a blog, for awhile I thought I would start one entirely devoted to Libby fashion — that is, functional, affordable clothing that makes me feel good inside. As of now, I’ll happily stick to this melting pot blog, but I think Mondays will now be devoted to Libby-esque…stuffs.

*for any fellow fans of Harry Potter, I made the seven-cork necklace using wine corks, painted gold, with holes drilled through and strung on yarn. I also made necklaces for the local Quidditch team.

(Photos by me.)


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