Brought to my senses by a cat.


Here I am, sitting out in the glorious, buttery, golden sun with my laptop. My cat Remus is trying to eat my charger cord. I’m surfing through a dozen different blogs I follow, and a sharp pain in my calf — Remus has taken to biting my leg rather than the cord now — yanks me from my Internet-heavy haze.

Bad, Libby! Bad!

I have two weeks to meet my deadline for finishing my fantasy-esque novel (which is yet to be titled!) and I’m online? I have 10 more chapters to write (about 25000 words) plus editing and I’m looking at pictures of adorable shoes?

*hits self on hand with rule*

Bad Libby.

I believe I shall be disconnecting my computer from the World Wide Web until May. It is for the best, though I shall miss you. I reaaaaally need to spend the majority of my time with Arden Falconer and friends/foes.

And so, farewell, readers. I shall be seeing you either when I finish my novel (I highly doubt I’ll  get it done in time) or when May comes and I can work at my own pace again.

I leave you now with an article by Jon Tattrie. Enjoy, let them grumble, and watch out for Nargles (and other assorted creatures)!

4 thoughts on “Brought to my senses by a cat.

  1. You can do it, Libby. Like you, I have to disconnect to keep focussed on my writing, too. Your novel is a priority, so a break from blogging is worth it. See you on the other side of April.

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