Out with Mina Greyfalcon and in with Arden Falconer


Admittedly, I’m only a little less than halfway finished my fantasy-esque novel. Keeping in mind this is since late February, I’m still generally pleased with my progress.

Now, a bite that’s a bit tough to chew: the name of my main character was beginning to annoy me. Don’t get me wrong! I love the name Mina. It’s so sweet and soft and delicate.

But my protagonist is none of the above described. She’s opinionated, fiery, stubborn, and hard as a rock. She doesn’t let anyone into her heart easily and is practical rather than emotional. She is destined for something large, important, political, and grand (though I’m not exactly sure what yet).

Originally she didn’t even have a name. I only knew that her surname was Greyfalcon and that her family bred and raised falcons atop a mountain. And, because I wanted to start putting her story to paper (or Word document), I needed a name. I settled on Mina not 100% satisfied, but I knew it could be changed later.

After the first 13 chapters it was harder to write about her. HER NAME DIDN’T SUIT HER. I was becoming annoyed because her hard actions were reversed by such a soft name. It became more and more difficult to write her story.

I was actually looking up the meanings for some other characters’ names (a post for another time) when I found it.

Arden. Meaning: great forest, ardent, passionate.

Well, she lives in a great forest and is passionate about her work, her little brother, and her mountain. And, it sounds more of a fantasy name than the more common ‘Mina.’

Then came her last name. I could hardly have both end in *in* sounds, but I still wanted it to reflect her profession. So I swapped Greyfalcon for the simple, more effective Falconer.

Arden Falconer.


I search and replaced the first 13 chapters with the name Arden. And, as I read back, I like her more as a character because her names suits her more.

Let’s call it victory.

Happy writing.


Read my post on naming characters here.


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