A little Dwarvish for you…


Here’s a little pixelated bundle of fun (okay, it’s a lot fun); one of my favourite fantasy authors, Christopher Paolini, speaking Dwarvish!

 His Inheritance Cycle finally wrapped up last fall with the release of Inheritance (Book Four), three years after Brisingr (Book Three) hit shelves. The wait was painful, but watching this video of Christopher erased any of my bitterness of the long wait. Reading his four, deliciously fat novels is quite the adventure. As he was only a teenager when he wrote Eragon (Book One), by the time you put the last book down it hardly sounds like the same writer! It’s amazing to go on the writing/magical/fantastical journey with Christopher, Eragon, Saphira, and friends/foes.

And, because of the Inheritance Cycle, dragons have tied for first with unicorns as my favourite fantasy creature.

I’ll probably be blogging more about the staggering and vast worlds of the Inheritance Cycle sometime later, but for now, enjoy!

PS: How do you like the new theme? I’ll try not to change again for another couple months, but sometimes change is good. In this case, anyway!

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