My Own Anne Boleyn


My Anne Boleyn Portrait

While no authentic/contemporary/undamaged/public portrait of Anne Boleyn survives, people have ever since been drawing, painting, and re-imagining her, trying to capture her elegance and grace on paper and canvas. This is my own Anne Boleyn, based on the famous Hever and NPG ones.
I drew this sketch-portrait of Anne a couple months ago; it took about two weeks of off and on re-drawing, touches and changes. I spentย three or four days trying to achieve her captivating ‘black’ eyes, and I still haven’t done her justice. Though mainly based on the Hever-rose portrait of Anne, I was also influenced by the knowing smile she wears in her NPG portrait. I apologize for my awful scanner.
Hope you like it! (This is my work; please do not distribute without my permission, etc,etc…)


14 thoughts on “My Own Anne Boleyn

  1. karen

    Very, very nice drawing and I disagree with you. I think you have captured her eyes in that drawing. Thank you for sharing. Karen

  2. Sonia

    Let me preface this suggestion to say I do not profit from suggesting it- I have never suggested an audible book before -but this one takes you right back-to Elizabethan England-the every day people-what they saw, what they ate, what they knew-and words they used.
    It is-(still listening) a real treat for people that wish they had a time machine-but dont fancy the plague, rats or being locked up and ‘despatched’ from The Tower of London.

    The details are:
    The Time Traveller’s Guide to Elizabethan England (Unabridged) from and thought you lovely blog people may like to check it out. Fantastic Easter Listening! I use my iphone-but there are different ways to listen-

    You can get the free app, too.

    • Thanks for the info, Sonia! A time machine is something I’ve been yearning for, but this sounds just as informative and fun. I’ll be sure to check it out this weekend (that is, when I’m not feasting upon fine foods with good fellows!). ๐Ÿ™‚

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