The Weather Outside is Frightful


Holy headsman! The weather outside is frightful…Terrifying, actually. The first full day of spring isn’t even over yet and I possibly have a sunburn. The thermometer hit and passed 20 degrees Celsius! Mosquitos poured from our wood pile, and I had to cower to the house as the sun set.

All this lovely weather is filling up the pages of my notebook, as I’m taking the incentive to write outside rather than on my computer. While writing long hand takes longer, I also get the first edit as I transcribe it into the computer later… 

The next scary thing is that we’re expecting snow next week. Maybe the mosquitos will freeze!

I’m getting weather-whiplash.

It’s also maple syrup season — yummy, yummy! It’s amazing how much better homemade tastes versus bought.

And, on this day in history Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury, was executed in Oxford. He famously put his right in the flames first. You can read about this reformer’s execution on the Anne Boleyn Files. Thomas unfortunately lost to Lady Jane Grey during the Tudor Tournament hosted by Semper Eadem/Creation of Anne Boleyn. Stay updated on whose winning each battle round and vote for your favourites!


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