Guest Posting at Something Bigger Out There


There is something bigger out there. I’m sure of it.

It’s also the title of Zozie’s new WordPress blog. She’s a writer, and a friend, and has asked me to guest post for her. I have obliged on the promise of her returning the favour someday soon.

Mainly the post is me giving a friendly ramble about turning real people into characters. The headings didn’t transfer properly, but I hope you’ll get the gist of it. So, here it is:

Guest Post by Libby: How I Can Kill My Best Friend (Twice). 

And please remember: LET THEM GRUMBLE!


4 thoughts on “Guest Posting at Something Bigger Out There

  1. Alan Wybrow

    Hi Libby,

    This is a great idea! I had not thought of that writing my stories’ characters. I’ve always tried to “invent” them into the story and the plot to suit the character of the story. But this is a great alternative….especially when I know a lot of “characters”.

    Thanks for the great idea!


    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks. Sometimes it’s tricky inventing a character and often the perfect person is sitting right under your nose — or in the next cubicle! You can even incorporate our 16th century friends! I currently have two characters named Charles and Brandon — my own private joke. It’s a great and fun way to tie in your own life with your writing.
      You’re very welcome, Alan.
      Libby 🙂

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