Moustache Jokes: When Is It Too Much?


It’s been awhile since my last review, but here I go again! I’ll keep it short this time.

Yesterday I saw Dr. Seuss’s ‘The Lorax.’ Who doesn’t love Seuss? Who doesn’t love small, orange fuzzy things with giant yellow moustaches?

It was cute, though it could have done with a few less musical numbers and a hair less moustache jokes — pun intended. I was a bit confused about who the main character was — the Lorax, Ted, or the Once-ler? — but I don’t feel it took away from the message.

Animation was amazing. I wanted to pet the fuzzy bears and Truffula trees and tweak the Lorax’s giant ‘stache. Danny DeVito as the Lorax was great; he brought the comedy, the caring, and the defiance together and wrapped it up in an orange, fuzzy suit. Zac Efron, Betty White (whom I love dearly), Ed Helms and Taylor Swift finish up the heroes of the story.

It was more geared to a younger crowd than I expected, but I still enjoyed it. The kids around me were certainly enjoying it, though I think they were getting the Lorax and the Once-ler mixed up. So was I at first. Actually, in the beginning I thought the Once-ler was the Cat in the Hat. (You only see his silhouette, okay? And he was wearing a big top hat.)

I do wish they included some more of Seuss’s loveable rhyming. What’s a Seuss movie without a plethora of rhyming creatures? I expected the Lorax to talk in rhyme, but no such luck. Just a “fuzzy peanut” with a moustache.

Thneedville was portrayed with startling parallels to the future we’re heading in. It’s appropriate they decided to release the movie in 2012 — when the world is supposed to end. Again. I feel the kids around me really got the message; I did. I was tapping my feet along with the last musical note of the Thneedville residents as they fought for the very last Truffula seed to grow.

It was funny, cute, inspiring, hopefully will begin a giant-moustache trend and make small children angry regarding clear cutting.

Okay. The answer to the title of this post? *This* is when moustache jokes are too much.


Unless some like you cares a whole awful lot,

It’s not going to get better.

It’s not.


8 thoughts on “Moustache Jokes: When Is It Too Much?

  1. I watched the preview of The Lorax and it, too, was confusing. Interesting.

    I’m sure Dr. Seuss is rolling in his grave to know another of his wonderful stories made it to the big screen. He had every reason to worry with the Cat in the Hat. It was horrible: the movie, not the book.

    I love Dr. Seuss books. My favourite is “Oh, The Places You Will Go.”

  2. I really want to go see that movie haha, mainly to take my little cousins, but I do love seeing kids movies 😀

    I think the big draw card for me was actually knowing Danny DeVito is in it 🙂 He generally makes me laugh haha

    • I think everyone enjoys seeing kid movies deep down; especially Dr.Seuss, the doctor of childhood!
      I love Danny; he’s hilarious!
      Thanks for commenting, Alicia. 🙂

  3. I completely agree, Libby. The message is the important thing to me, and that was very inspiring. (It made me want to go hug my trees even more! ;D ) I adore the animation now-a-days. It’s enchanting. Great review!

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