The 1000-Word Challenge


No, not the new movie with Eddie Murphy in it (A Thousand Words).

This is a goal I’ve made myself and am trying my hardest to stick with.

I am trying to write a novel in less than two months (eek!). To do that, I’ve decided to write at least a thousand words per day. I started nine days ago and currently have 7, 191 words. I’m slightly behind where I want to be, but those were the first three chapters: I hate writing beginnings. Now that I’m getting settled into some gentle rising action, I’ll hopefully keep on top of my writings.

Writer’s block is my ‘frenemy.’ While I hate him for keeping me from my ideas, I also have to keep on good terms with him. If I get a healthy dose from good ol’ blockhead I’ll print off what I have done, grab my notebook, and go for a walk. With spring starting to creep back I’ll be doing this more — writing outside, I mean. Last week I spent an hour and a half sitting on a log in the woods; today I was sprawled out in a field, jeans getting wet and grass-stained, but who cares? If it unclogs the words from my pen, it’s all good. I can get my best ideas surrounded by frozen moss or dead grass, and this season won’t last forever! Soon the black flies will be swarming, spiders will be hatching, and ants will make the ground an unfit place to sit on unless you want them crawling in your pants. Spring is the ideal writing-outdoors time. It’s making my 1000 words a little less forced and a little more enjoyable.

Today I’m going to try to catch up on those 2000 words I’m behind on. Do you have any rituals, charms, or theories on how to banish writer’s block?

Happy writing to you! 

PS: I may have found a name for my nameless girl. Mina. It’s a little softer than I’d like, but if I find something more suited to her blunt and cheeky personality I can always change it.


4 thoughts on “The 1000-Word Challenge

  1. Sonia

    Hello Libby…

    Writers Block Busting-
    The idea is that you start walking around the house in circles-(the idea is that you practically force the words out of your brain…all the while you are exercising-which in itself is good for clearing ones mind…


    Step 1: you stand up,

    Step 2: start to walk around around the house and with every step you HAVE TO COME UP WITH A WORD- (using a Dictaphone-or a smart phone to record what you came up with)

    Step 3: you do as many laps around the house as needed(without wearing out the carpet)until the ‘creative juices'(for the want of a better phrase) start flowing out of you brain and through your fingers into the keyboard/pen…

    Apparently this works….according to a friend that has just finished his Masters Thesis…

    Failing that-some practical suggestions-see link below-

    you have probably already seen this-but just in case you haven’t….

    The link:


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