Don’t Miss It!


Tomorrow Claire (author of the Anne Boleyn Files, the Elizabeth Files, and The Anne Boleyn Collection) will be kick-starting her virtual book tour tomorrow with an interview over at The Tudor Tutor. She’ll be guest posting for me on Tuesday and for Sarah’s Anne Boleyn: From Queen to History blog on Wednesday and doing two more interviews on Sylwia’s Facebook Page Queen Anne Boleyn and Natalie’s On the Tudor Trail blog on Thursday and Friday (respectively). At each stop Claire will be giving away a signed copy of her book The Anne Boleyn Collection and a Tudor-related goodie — DON’T MISS IT!

It’s far too lovely here to dwell in Blogland any longer: I’m grabbing a pen, notepad, camera, thermos, and gloves and going to write my little heart out in a mossy gully. However, I can’t leave you with nothing to do, so here. Chocolate cake in a mug! Mind = amazed. I’d recommend a little less than 4 tbs of flour and a little more vanilla. Also, you can manuever a blob of peanut butter to the middle of the mix, but it then the bottom doesn’t cook all the way. But who cares? It tastes good!


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