What Did Shakespeare Call You?


What Did Shakespeare Call You?

What did Shakespeare call you in his moments of frustration – when you left an empty pan on the hot stove or spilled ink on his latest manuscript? A beslubbering, rump-fed strumpet? A dankish, elf-skinned bugbear? Or maybe a reeky, guts-griping codpiece?


7 thoughts on “What Did Shakespeare Call You?

  1. Nadine Purdon

    I’m a villainous, hasty-witted, (horn-beast), boar-pig! ……..Wills, you’re such a charmer! You really know how to make a girl feel good :-).

  2. Sonia

    Seems Shakespeare would refer to me a Saucy Dizzy-eyed Foot licker… Cannot stop laughing…

    Better than a ‘Ruttish Strumpet’ as William himself was…

    What was Mr Shakespeare’s middle name please? Anyone know?

    Now to find out what my mother-in-law is…

    • Will was quite the insulter, wasn’t he? 😉
      As far as I know, middle names were rare in Shakespeare’s time and were just beginning to appear in wealthy families in the mid-1700s (though by the 1400s Germans were giving their children two names, one of a saint and the other by which the child would be known). That’s a question I hadn’t thought about before, thanks Sonia!

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