Some Housekeeping


I apologize if you’ve been recently inundated with emails from me. My blog had a bit of a spaz with a new feature, but I think it’s under control now. However, after that wrestle with technology I’m really not in the mood to write a proper post.

Happy March 1st and congratulations on making it to springtime-portal month. Only 20 days of winter (officially) left. Yay! Onward with the black flies!

I (along with Huzzah from There’s Something Bigger Out There) have taken up the challenge of writing a novel in two months for a competition. I honestly doubt it will happen, but you never know. Thus I’ll probably be blogging a bit less.

Update on Claire Ridgway’s virtual book tour: Claire will be guest posting about Anne Boleyn on March 6th and she’ll be giving away a signed copy of her book The Anne Boleyn Collection, as well as a stunning replica of a pair of earrings Natalie Dormer wore in an episode of  “The Tudors.” To enter, leave a comment on Claire’s post. To enter twice, leave a comment on Claire’s post and subscribe to my blog. If I were you I would want to win! The AB Collection is wonderful, the best of the AB Files and more, and the earrings are beautiful.                      

Probably won’t be back till the weekend, so remember to let them grumble!

Meanwhile, back on the range (*hat-tip to Lemony Snicket*) here’s a fun and flirty post about “The Château Vert” of Shrove Tuesday March 1st, 1522, starring a 21-year-old Anne Boleyn, a dashing Henry VIII, and some courtly romance!

2 thoughts on “Some Housekeeping

  1. I just found your page via Claire’s virtual book tour! (She’s writing an article for my page on the 7th too!) So excited to follow your page and looking forward to reading many more posts!

    • Hi Sarah, thanks. I’ve tuned into your FB page in the past and am now going to eagerly follow your blog! I’m very excited for every stop on Claire’s book tour! 🙂

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