Happy Birthday to the Anne Boleyn Files


A ‘most happy’ 3rd birthday to The Anne Boleyn Files!

I stumbled upon The AB Files nearly two years ago after my first contact with Tudor history (a commercial for the Showtime series The Tudors). I was overwhelmed with all the information and the fact that it all came from one person, but I began to learn the ropes of sixteenth-century obsession, mainly thanks to Claire’s wonderful articles.

Being inducted into the history-loving world is a little scary, especially at first. If you’re like me and eager to learn everything at once, you’d run to the library and borrow every 400-plus page book with the word ‘Tudor’ in it. I was completely bamboozled. The writers of these books usually don’t take into account the slightly-mushy mind of the newbie. Who was this Chapuys guy? Does he have a first name? Henry VIII was married to three women named ‘Katherine’? How do I know which one they’re talking about?

I might have dropped Tudor history if it wasn’t for Claire and The AB Files. Her concise, easy-to-read, clever, super-referenced articles were my saving point. I learned that Eustace Chapuys was the ambassador for Emperor Charles V, who was nephew to Henry VIII’s first wife Catherine of Aragon. I learned the different spellings and stories to distinguish Catherine of Aragon, Katheryn Howard, and Katherine Parr (Wives No.1, 5, and 6 respectively), and much much more.

So if you’re into Tudor history and aren’t ready to handle the big books (which are wonderful once you’ve learned the essentials), check out The AB Files and indulge in some sixteenth-century bliss.

Claire also runs the Elizabeth Files and the History Files, and her book The Anne Boleyn Collection was released on Amazon today! Congratulations, Claire, and thank you for saving my love of the Tudors and our lovely Anne. I’ll be ordering The Collection very soon!

PS: This theme is called ‘Thirteen.’ I like it so far; it’s a bit more ‘grumbly’ but still readable. Any thoughts on it?

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