Life is short — and so is hair!


Item No.1 on your grumble-worthy style list: SHORT HAIR.

Ginnifer Goodwin rocking the shortie.

It’s been making a considerably quiet arrival but is really just getting into the swing of things now. Celebrities — as always — are leading the charge. Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan, Evan Rachel Wood, and Emma Watson have all done the admirable in chopping their shiny locks and freeing young women everywhere.

Long hair traps you. It really does. You might spend hours straightening, curling, braiding, conditioning, pinning, and yanking at your hair all for the first thirty seconds of perfection before a winter gale destroys all that work in a single huff. It’s suffocating in summer, gets caught in car doors, and often refuses to obey your every command.

Or at least, my incredibly thick and tangle-prone hair trapped me. I fought it with special shampoos and bobby pins and fierce resentment, but to no avail. This was not a battle I was going to win, and I knew it.  

Emma Watson with short hair

Emma Watson rocking the shortie.

So, in July I gave my hairdresser a present: I was getting it all cut off. She was so enthralled it was comical. I showed her a picture of Emma Watson and said, “Cut it. Cut it all.”

At this point I was so eager to get rid of my hair in the summer heat that I wasn’t nervous like I thought I should have been. So, clump by clump, a weight was lifted off my back, my shoulders, my neck — literally.

I was finally free.

Of course, I hadn’t told my friends about my new haircut so when I showed up at one of our get-togethers there was a moment of shocked silence and then a chorus of high-pitched “omigosh”s. People’s reactions to the haircut are almost as wonderful as the haircut itself.

Short hair is liberating and noticeable. It shows how much confidence you have in yourself. It’s different enough to make other young women rethink their own hairstyles. It accents the lovely but undermined features that are the forehead, cheekbones, jaw line, and neck, the features normally hidden behind long hair. It defies convention, which is what Let Them Grumble is all about.

Michelle Williams rocking the shortie.

A lot of people think that you need to be blonde to rock the shortie. Not true. I am a proud brunette. Michelle Williams recently coloured her hair red. Ginnifer Goodwin is the definition of short style with her raven ‘do.

But you certainly do not need to be a glamorous actress to pull the pixie cut off with success. I am not Hollywood beautiful, but I love my hair and that’s all that matters. I am free. I am defying convention.

Life is short, and so can hair.


6 thoughts on “Life is short — and so is hair!

  1. Oh, I don’t know. I had short hair for about eight years and during those eight years, I hated every hair cut. Often I’d walk in the house after visiting the salon, head to the bathroom with scissors in hand and begin chopping aimlessly. My ragged cut was much better than that which I had paid for. My short hair seemed more of a chore than my long hair. I had to mousse it or gel it to get some shape into it. Short hair made me look like a boy if I didn’t do something with it.

    About seven years ago, I gave up the salon because I was frustrated with their results. I let my hair grow. Now I just wash and go. When I feel like it, I braid or pull it up in a ponytail.

    But you are right in some cases. Short hair can be liberating and certainly takes the weight off your shoulders. Still, I think I’ll keep my long hair for several years to come.

    • Short hair unfortunately isn’t for everyone. However, when my hair was long it was the type that refused to do anything: wouldn’t straighten, wouldn’t curl, would frizz up in the faintist humidity, and had more static than a bad radio! I only shudder to imagine having long hair again! Luckily my hairdresser is very talented and I can usually make one cut last for about two months. Now the only thing I have to worry about is going to bed with wet hair and it drying straight up!

  2. great post ! : ) You make me want to do the pixie cut too ! Your writing sounds so professional and genuine, how do you do it ? whenever i blog, i find it hard to write the right words…..

    • Hi Karla, thanks. My hair’s been short for about a year now, and I don’t miss the long locks at all!
      I struggle with wording, too, sometimes. I find that reading (lots and lots of reading) helps me with my writing. As well as enjoying the story, I take note of new words to add to my vocabulary and study the sentence structure — and then add a little twist to create my own writing style. It’s sort of like fingerprinting. I have a friend who can look at a piece of writing and figure out if I wrote it, or someone else did.
      I’m sure you’ll find the right words. The good thing about blogging is that you can be personal or impersonal as you want, so the writing doesn’t have to be perfect. Keep writing, Karla, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. Alyssa

    I actually did a pixie cut wwithout telling anyone on Senior skip day. When I showed up to Senior night for my soccer team, everyone was surprised! I got tons of compliments, felt more confident, and definitely more free.

    • Secret hair cuts are the best kind, aren’t they? 😉 I’m so glad your confidence increased, and that you love your hair. I shudder to think of growing mine out again in this horrid summer heat. Thanks for commenting, Alyssa, and congratulations on deciding to get the ‘shortie’! 🙂

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