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I Endorse Nerds!

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(Commissioned by me and created by my lovely sister.)

Behold — a badge a nerd like me can flaunt with pride. I realize that there are different types of nerds, but this kind happens to fall within my lightsaber-wielding, broomstick-riding, fire-breathing, Narnian-fighting, Hobbit-loving, Hunger Games tribute boundary of epic nerdiness.

So enjoy. Flaunt your inner nerd. Be proud. Feel free to share on Facebook or other blogs!

Nerd out.


I endorse nerds. So should you. Embrace your inner nerd and wear this badge with pride.


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Writer, rambler, ranter, poet, Tudorphile, bookworm. Sometimes I say things that make sense. Usually I don't.

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  1. Nerds are cool.. some of them. LOL


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